d20 mod zombie

1- Teaser

All party members met at Wal-mart and watched as 2 strange looking men attacked a police officer. They also watch the men kill a little girl.

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Chloe May help the police by treating the injured officer. Gary Jr. Jr. helped treat the little girl. Gary Jr. Jr. was attacked by the little girl and it took several officers to get her under control.

Chloe May noticed that the 2 gray men were not damaged by the gun fire, except for a single gunshot would to the head.

Candice was told by a “client” A. Johnto get away.

Everyone finished shopping at Wal-mart and gathered supplies.

After paying for all of their items they went to leave. The doors were flooded by Zombies and local law enforcement. The front doors were closed. The PCs ran to the exit by the auto section.

They all piled into Candice’s SUV along with all of their supplies. Candice finished packing her backpack while Zombies pounded on the windows.

Kyle drove down the road and ran over a small child for fear that it was too strange. The PCs drove to the Winlock High School parking lot and looked for some more supplies with no luck.

They were attacked by and killed 4 Zombies(3 by head shots and 1 that was run over). Chloe May told everyone that the only way to kill them was with a head shot.

The radio continued to play the Emergency Broadcast telling the public to go to the Sheriff’s Office in town.

PCs then drove to a Medical Clinic where they encountered a man and his wife, betty. The man had been bitten and was feeling sick. Chloe treated his wounds before he passed out. Candice talked betty the abused wife into going to the Sheriff’s Office.

Chloe had Nick cut a tissue sample out of the man. Kyle shot and killed the husband…. again.
After all it makes more sense to hurt him then kill him.

The PC made a plan to go to the Morton Hospital to get to a Medical Lab.


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